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“I whole-heartedly endorse Ellen Eckman for Shorewood School Board. She is unmatched in her dedication to education, and commitment to recruiting and teaching others how to excel in this field. Her tenure brings much needed stability to the School Board as it relates to policy creation, budgetary concerns and community engagement. I am proud to sit beside her, and always welcome her sage advice when considering difficult decisions regarding the District. Shorewood is better with her as a representative. Please join me in voting for Ellen Eckman for Shorewood School Board on April 2, 2024. Your vote for Ellen will be for the greater good of the entire village.” 

Abby Fowler

Shorewood High School Parent & Current Shorewood School Board Member

"I'm supporting my educational mentor, Ellen Eckman, for Shorewood School Board on Tuesday, April 2nd. Whether serving as a high school teacher, administrator, college professor, or school board member, Ellen centers students first. She brings a depth of knowledge, experience, and expertise that will help to move the Shorewood School District forward."

Leigh A. van den Kieboom, Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Policy & Leadership at Marquette University

"I enthusiastically support Ellen Eckman for reelection to the School Board to continue the District tradition of good governance and leadership. I have known Ellen throughout her distinguished career in education and her work on the Shorewood Village Board. 

She was a fine teacher and school leader at Shorewood High School, a Village Trustee, and has now finished one term as school board member. As a Marquette University Professor, she guided the development of dozens of school principals and superintendents while continually sharpening her knowledge of schools and school issues. She knows Shorewood as well as anyone, shares community values, and cares about the health and future of this place she calls home.

The Shorewood Schools have been fortunate to have highly qualified citizens serve on the School Board. Throughout my 18 years as a Shorewood school leader, we were well-served by thoughtful, wise, and talented board members, many for multiple terms. They understood the complexities of schools, provided wise policy guidance, and were careful stewards of district resources. Ellen is part of that long, fine line of community leaders.

Ellen Eckman has demonstrated the skill, courage, and values to represent Shorewood families and citizens, to sustain the quality of the schools and to keep the community a destination school district for young families. I encourage voters to support Ellen and to keep her thoughtful leadership on the Shorewood School Board."


Dr. John (Jack) Linehan

Retired Shorewood School District Superintendent

“I have known Ellen Eckman to be an informed, insightful and dedicated community member over many years.  Ellen and I have shared many conversations about current events in our world and how to make it better, always with a positive vision and hope for how we, as individuals, can make a difference.    Her experience as an education professional, a former parent and a current grandparent in the Shorewood school system shines through in her on-going involvement and commitment to our District.  She has the broad, long-term experience and vision we need to continue to build excellence in our schools and our community."

Sharon Grinker

Parent of two Shorewood Alums & Shorewood Community Member

"I am proud to support Ellen Eckman as a Board of Education Candidate for the Shorewood School District. I've known Ellen for many years as an educator and community servant. Additionally, I recently served as Interim Superintendent and found Ellen to be a dedicated and professional Board member.   Her values are deep and community-centered; she takes the role seriously.  Here are three of many reasons I believe she deserves to continue serving on the Shorewood School District Board of Education:

  • She is reflective and asks important questions that guide administration to think more deeply and serve the community with greater clarity.  

  • She thinks of what is best for students and the Shorewood community.  Her past work as a Village Trustee gives her a unique and collaborative perspective. 

  • She has experience and offers continuity.  She is a true steward for the community.  

Simply put, Ellen is good for the Shorewood School District AND the Village of Shorewood community." 

Dr. JoAnn Sternke

Former Shorewood  High School Teacher & Interim Superintendent

​​"I have known Ellen since I was in high school and later had the chance to work with her when I was a Village Trustee.  Her dedication to and knowledge of Shorewood schools is second to none.  I enthusiastically support her re-election and am proud to have her representing the community on the School Board.”

Wesley Warren

SHS Alum & Former Shorewood Village Trustee

"Ellen has my vote! Ellen is a champion of our district and our community. She has spent her professional career working as an advocate for public schools, teachers and students. Her experience and knowledge of school and village politics is remarkable and unmatched, and the board has benefitted immensely from her service. Please join me in voting for Ellen Eckman on April 2nd."

Dr. Paru Shah

Parent of two SHS students & Former School Board Member

"Ellen Eckman stands out as the ideal candidate for the Shorewood School Board, especially in times when public schools face unprecedented challenges. Her blend of intelligence, intuition, and a broad perspective on education, coupled with her unique background as a teacher and professor, equips her with unparalleled insights into the educational landscape. Eckman's deep institutional knowledge and commitment to excellence make her uniquely prepared to safeguard our schools against these attacks. Her ability to envision and implement innovative solutions ensures she can navigate complex issues, advocating for a future where education in Shorewood not only survives but thrives. Eckman’s candidacy is a beacon of hope for those who believe in the enduring value of public education, positioning her as the cornerstone of progress and resilience in our educational community."

Pablo Muirhead Montesinos, Ph.D.

Parent of two Shorewood School District Students

Professor of Spanish and Teacher Education — MATC 

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