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Of all my accomplishments on the School Board, I am most proud of these:

  • Moved beyond the pandemic and brought students, parents and community members back into our school buildings.

  • Hired an Interim Superintendent (2 years) and a permanent Superintendent.

  • Completed the Capital Referendum on time and within budget so that all 4 schools saw major improvements in their physical spaces.

  • Passed a non-recurring 5 year Operating Referendum with approval by over 70% of the voters.  I attended numerous budget and referendum sessions with Board and community members to avoid $3M in cuts to staff and programs. 

  • Worked to balance financial constraints with our desire to maintain all of our academic and co-curricular programs, and our community services as well as continue to invest in staff compensation and benefits, including steps and lanes.

  • Adopted new curriculums in reading, math, and social studies; with attention to Act 20 requirements for Literacy.

  • Increased communication with parents and community: 

    • School budget information being included in annual tax bill

    • Community education on housing and schools

    • Adding school information in the Village Manager's Memo (a weekly email from the Village)

    • Met with parents of multilingual students, families with students with disabilities, administrators at each school level, members of PTO at each school, and high school students in extracurricular leadership positions to get input and provide information

    • Supported the "Let’s Talk” community forum series covering budget, instructional technology, and instructional calendar development

  • Worked with Village President to re-establish the Bi-Board


But what I am most proud of is the achievements of all of our students, teachers, administrators and staff. Some of the highlights: Shorewood Intermediate School teacher Sarah Kopplin's Wisconsin State Teacher of the Year award, the Juneteenth Advocacy by Atwater School's fourth graders, Intermediate School student projects such as lighting the Hoan Bridge, playing at the Bucks game, recipients of the Civic Awards from the U.S. Federal Court, the thriving compost project, the Mock Trial and Model UN achievements and so much more!

Based on what I have heard during the campaign, I will prioritize:

  1. Clear communication about implementing the operating referendum and addressing state funding inequities.

  2. Continued action to maintain competitive compensation, programs, and services.

  3. Supporting oversight that attracts, supports and retains staff, with attention to increasing diversity. 

  4. Collaboration with community partners to increase enrollment.

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